The Goners Volume One



For 22nd century Americans who have lost the will to live, the Meaningful Conclusion Program offers a way to end it all with purpose, performing heroically important and mortally dangerous work for the betterment of humankind. MC’s they were called officially, but on the streets, and even on some of the statues, they were called ‘Goners’.

They went out on fire, at mind-boggling speeds, in cracks and crevices of the Moon and Mars where no human had ever dared to venture. They went out getting the last laugh on drug-lords and terrorists, and curing diseases that had plagued the world for millennia. America celebrated the achievements of these anonymous tragic ‘Goners’ with headlines and songs. No one was quite sure what transpired behind the Program’s shroud of secrecy—they only knew that it was epic, heroic, and good…a win-win situation for everybody… right?

Kaywin, Dublin and Prudence have zero in common beyond the fact that they have all long ago given up on themselves. Suffering deep in the gut of the MCP, each fighting the ghosts of their own past, they find strange comfort in their odd, new friendship. When they stumble on a terrible secret that threatens all of humanity, they must push each other to defy the limits of their own despair, and the Program itself, to save a world that has chewed them up and spit them out. If they succeed, against all odds, they can die in peace. If they fail—

Then we are all Goners.